More muscles, less fat! New EMSculpt NEO with radiofrequency



We are delighted to be one of the first in Europe to introduce a completely new concept in a struggle for a perfect body.  The only one in the Baltics, the unique body sculpting and passive lipolysis device EMSculp NEO provides even more impressive muscle gain and fat reduction without gym, overtraining or side effects. The EMSculpt NEO technology by BTL, leader in aesthetic medicine technologies, is unique – it is superior to its predecessor EMScultp, not to mention other counterparts in the beauty care market.

EMSculpt technology is based on high intensity electromagnetic field (HIFEM) technology, which makes muscles contract 20,000 times on average during a single procedure. The technology is much more intense than classic workouts, resulting in muscle training and significant fat reduction at the same time.

The advanced EMSculpt NEO combines improved HIFEM+ technology with radiofrequency (RF) impact to ensure maximum effect in both muscle stimulation and fat destruction.

EMSculpt NEO is FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) acknowledged hardware technology. Compliance with the FDA standards is a guarantee of world-class quality.

Official facilities providing procedures with the original EMSculpt and EMSculpt NEO can be found at

30 minutes, 4 times, 25% less fat, 30% more muscles

Effect of Synchronised Radiofrequency (RF):

Clinically proven reduction of subcutaneous fat by 30% on average due to EMSCulpt NEO radiofrequency. 

The thermal effect of RF increases the temperature of the muscles – like a warm-up before a workout, making the effects of HIFEM+ even more significant. RF effect results in reaching a temperature in the fat layer within 4 minutes when the process of apoptosis begins – fat cells suffer irreversible damage and are removed from the body.  

EMSCulpt NEO is the only myostimulation device that works with warmed-up muscles, ensuring maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

Thermal treatment is similar to hot stone massage in terms of sensations.

HIFEM+ effect:

Clinically proven increase in muscle mass by 25% due to improved technology HIFEM+ of EMSCulpt NEO.

Using enhanced high-intensity electromagnetic technology (HIFEM+), supramaximal muscle contractions (~20,000 contractions during one procedure) occur, which cannot be achieved during even the most intense workout. Muscles adapt to the new state of exertion, which leads to changes in their internal structure – the formation of new muscle fibres and growth of myofibrils. When muscles contract, they consume a large amount of energy, which they get from fat cells, so the amount of fat is reduced naturally, without additional manipulations.

Painless, intense muscle contractions are felt during the procedure.


  • if your BMI is under 35 (class 1 obesity) and you wish to reduce fat deposits;
  • if you are physically fit and wish a firm body shape;
  • if you are physically fit and wish to dot your i's by emphasising the contours of your abdominal muscles or the shape of your buttocks;
  • to reduce diastasis.


  • with RF exposure: deep muscles of the sides and abdomen;
  • with RF exposure: gluteal muscles;
  • without RF exposure: biceps and triceps of the arms;
  • without RF exposure: lower legs.

Duration of the treatment course: A course of four treatments is recommended for maximum result.  

  • Duration of treatment with RF exposure: 30 minutes with 5–10-day interval.  
  • Duration of treatment without RF exposure (triceps, biceps, lower legs): 20–30 minutes with 2–3-day interval

In case of significant amounts of fat, it is recommended to combine the treatment with lymph drainage.

Preparation for the treatment: 8 glasses of water per day are recommended two days before and four days after the treatment. All metal accessories (watches, belts, and jewellery) must be removed before the treatment; avoid using your mobile phone during the treatment..


  • pregnancy, postpartum period, breastfeeding period, menstruation;
  • metal implants (with magnetic properties) in the body, cardiac pacemaker;
  • drug pumps;
  • heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia;
  • injured or otherwise damaged muscles;
  • cancer;
  • common cold and other viral diseases;
  • acute inflammations;
  • septic conditions or emphysema;
  • pulmonary insufficiency;
  • contagious skin diseases;
  • systemic or local infection (e.g., osteomyelitis, tuberculosis);
  • elevated temperature;
  • bleeding;
  • chronic illnesses;
  • disturbed perception of temperature or pain;
  • Graves' disease.