Genetic tests – future without fear!

Ģenētiskie testiWhy is it worth to know?

Our aging is affected both by genetics and by external factors (the environment, lifestyle, diet, stress, etc.). The genetic testing method that is still poorly known in the Baltic countries but have been used for 20 years all over the world allows to identify and control aging processes and health conditions even before undesirable changes take place.

“Genetic tests are a future outlook for the purposes of preventively controlling the aging process of the body, avoiding risk factors and accurately selecting the most appropriate type of prophylaxis throughout all your life”, states Jana Janovska, dermatologist, specialist in preventive medicine of the Dermatology Clinic branch of Veselības centrs 4, president of the Baltic Association of Anti-Aging and Preventive Medicine.

Tests enable early determination of changes in genes and risk factors for development of respective diseases. Thanks to this information it is possible to do everything to protect a specific gene from potential mutations, thus preventing a potential disease. As a result, specialists can precisely prescribe preferable additional examinations, lifestyle corrections, medicines, vitamins and microelements.

It is particularly important to conduct genetic tests for people in any risk groups: if there has been a history of an oncological disease, diabetes mellitus, increased blood pressure, cardiac infarction, brain stroke, migraine, autoimmune and psychiatric diseases in the family.

Genetic tests are part of personalised medicine concept, which is the main guideline of Anti-Aging Institute. Personalised medicine focuses on an individual. In cooperation with Anti-Aging specialists, patient’s health factors are evaluated, patient history is collected (the history of diseases of the patient and their family) and genetic tests or DNA mutations, which have been encoded into us and do not change during our life, are studied.

We create our future today! We can outpace diseases and early aging by precisely selecting the most appropriate type of prophylaxis for ourselves.

Conducting genetic tests

  • During the consultation the doctor fills the patient’s questionnaire, evaluates patient’s medical history and risk groups. Individual examinations are conducted, if necessary.
  • The biologic material used for testing is saliva, which the patient places in a special container.
  • The biomaterial is sent to a lab, which within one month provides a detailed response regarding potential diseases, risk factors in patient’s life.
  • During the second visit the doctor of preventive medicine explains the test results and recommends prophylaxis, prescribes additional examinations and corresponding therapy, if needed.
  • No special preparations for the analyses are necessary, the patient just should not eat and smoke 30 minutes before sampling.
  • Genetic tests are taken only once, as the human DNA does not change during lifetime.

We are one of the first medical facilities, that has introduced the possibility to conduct genetic analyses in Latvia. Long experience and competent experts have enabled us to develop an extensive and useful supply of tests.

Genetic test packages:

  • Basic – the primary initial stage of analysis, which provides an insight about the potential genetic mutations of the body. This test allows to assess the regenerative capacity of the body, the probability of development of diseases, as well as allows to improve treatment of chronic diseases.
  • SKINgen – possibility to evaluate the risk of developing a skin disease for those who want to optimise their skin health.
  • ALOPECIAgen – for women and men ages 20 – 30 years that have a positive family history in terms of hair loss, or in case of ineffective hair-loss treatment.
  • DIABETgen – allows to identify early marks related to the development of type II diabetes mellitus.
  • FEMgen – this test enables to analyse the risk of developing individual side effects in case of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) (for example, in the period of menopause).
    Important! HRT counteracts physiological aging – necessary, missing hormones are replaced artificially and may cause complications in individual cases (thrombosis, cancer of mammary glands).
  • CARDIOgen – recommended, if the family medical history shows disposition to cardiovascular diseases or arterial hypertension (increased cholesterol level, congenital heart failure, valve stenosis, arrhythmia, regurgitation).
  • COLOgen – provides information about the risk of developing an intestinal cancer.
    Important! This is wide-spread form of cancer with high mortality rates, if the disease is not diagnosed at an early stage.
  • PROSTATEgen – recommended for men with known cases of prostate cancer in their family.
  • DETOXgen – recommended for people with unclear loss of energy, weakness, allergies, fatigue and atopic manifestations (bronchial asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis).
  • OXIgen – for prevention of oxidative stress. Recommended for people with chronic fatigue, physical and intellectual stress, chronic inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases, as well as people who use medicines or have had chemotherapy, radiation therapy. For women, who use oral contraception. In case of smoking and abuse of alcohol.
  • WEIGHTgen – for all who want to optimise their weight.
    Important! Genetic predisposition is a serious factor affecting the development of obesity or complicating weight loss processes.