Great news! Anti-Aging Institute is able to offer customers the unique EMFACE treatment at a new – more favourable price

EmFace - procedūra sejas liftingam un gludai ādai

The EMFACE procedure, which was introduced in Latvian aesthetic medicine this spring and is exclusively offered by Anti-Aging Institute, branch of the Veselības centrs 4, was initially relatively expensive for customer – the price of a single treatment was 1,250 EUR, but now the price is 400 EUR. 

Anti-Aging Institute is able to offer its customers this unique anti-ageing treatment at such a favourable price due to years of close cooperation with BTL equipment manufacturer (Czech Republic) and the fact that Veselības Centrs 4 has become the largest BTL client and reference clinic in the Baltic States.

Anti-Aging Institute is pleased to announce that the effective EMFACE treatment will be much more accessible to customers in Latvia in the future!


  • Electromagnetic stimulation and radio frequency with EMFACE (1 session) – 400 EUR
  • Electromagnetic stimulation and radio frequency with EMFACE (4 sessions) – 1,500 EUR

What is EMFACE?

The EMFACE device is used for facelift and wrinkle reduction without injections, surgery or discomfort. "EMFACE is the only device that combines synchronised radiofrequency (RF) and HIFESTM* energy and provides the dual action of skin repair and facial muscle stimulation. The efficacy of the treatment has been proven in studies.

Why is EMFACE so effective?

The ageing process affects every layer of the face – especially the skin and the muscles underneath it. Therefore, the most effective approach for maintaining a youthful face is to treat these layers in a combined way. EMFACE technology delivers this double effect by treating each layer of the face with the appropriate energy.

Results of the EMFACE procedure*:

  • increased synthesis of collagen and elastin (~26%), which reduces wrinkles by ~37% and makes facial skin ~23% firmer;
  • facial muscles are toned, muscle mass increases by ~30% – the sagging facial oval regains its firm, youthful contours.

The EMFACE procedure is recommended for the following facial oval changes:

  • drooping eyebrows;
  • forehead wrinkles;
  • sagging jaw line with a loss of tone;
  • loss of tone in the neck area.

Areas of impacts:

  • entire face;
  • forehead;
  • eyebrow zone;
  • cheeks;
  • jaw line.

Duration of the treatment: 20 minutes on average, the treatment is recommended as a course (4 treatments on average) to be prescribed by a specialist.

EMFACE treatments do not cause discomfort or affect your daily rhythm – you can feel the pulsation and warmth during the treatment and there is no redness or swelling after the treatment.

EmFace - procedūra sejas liftingam un gludai ādai | Pirms | Pēc

    piercings or tattoos in the affected area;
•    acute stage of acne;
•    implants in the cheek or forehead area;
•    sunburn, wounds, skin inflammation, etc.;
•    diseases of the oral cavity;
•    pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Get an appointment for a treatment now and get ahead of the time!

For information! In summer and autumn 2023, the BTL manufacturer will offer the latest equipment with advanced solutions in Veselības centrs 4, for example, radiofrequency procedures with the well-known Exilis system.  The Anti-Aging Institute customers will once again be able to be the first to receive the newest and best!  

* According to the studies carried out by BT

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