Anita Puļķe
Anita Puļķe
Beautician, Training coach of Pharma Group Mesoesthetic
  • Consultations on facial skin care, development of a custom preventive plan for skin care;
  • Cosmetic Facial Procedures (cleansing, moisturising, nourishment, rejuvenation, lifting);
  • Therapeutic/non-traumatic skin cleansing;
  • Treatment and care for problematic skin;
  • Anti-ageing cosmetic care procedures;
  • Hyperpigmentation therapy;
  • Chemical peeling (fruit acid AHA peeling, TCA, post-peeling rehabilitation);
  • Retinol peel;
  • Technical cosmetic procedures (ultrasound, d'Arsonval treatment, ionization, mesoporation/electroporation, electrostimulation; high pressure oxygen therapy, radio frequency); 
  • Mesotherapy;
  • Diamond microdermabrasion;
  • Mesoroller/microinjection therapy; 
  • Aroma therapy; 
  • Biorevitalisation;
  • Cryomassage (cryodestruction);
  • Performs PRF injections.

Consults patients aged 12 years and above.