Preventīvās medicīnas speciālists, dermatologs Jana Janovska
Jana Janovska
Preventive medicine specialist, dermatologist

Offers diagnostic and therapeutic services:

  • Removal of benign skin neoplasms by using laser therapy;
  • Removal of benign pigment lesions, tattoos;
  • Aesthetic correction of wounds, striae;
  • Rejuvenation of skin, resolving of ageing problems by using laser therapy, radiofrequency and intense pulsed light devices;
  • Assessment and diagnostics of early ageing risk factors (performance of genetic tests, interpretation thereof);
  • Preventive medicine consultation (analysis of patient’s risk factors, interpretation of biological markers and tests, hormonal substitution, nutrigenetics, use of hormonal compositions for anti-age purposes);
  • Cell therapy (PRF and PRP, use of stem cells);
  • AGEs (advanced glycation index) diagnostics, assessment of the risk of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases;
  • Determining and therapy of oxidative stress;
  • Therapy of the burnout syndrome;
  • Diagnostics and therapy of acute and chronic skin diseases, acne, rosacea, therapy of intolerant and sensitive skin.


  • Diagnostics of skin neoplasms (dermoscopy, siascopy).
  • Skin ultrasound examination.