Sandija Šplīta
Sandija Šplīta
  • Performs examinations of metabolism: indirect calorimetry examination Cosmed, by precisely determining the metabolism rate, proportion of absorbed macro nutrients %, basic metabolism rate; bioelectrical impedance body mass analysis;
  • On the basis of metabolic examination results, provides consultations on healthy diet, detailed consultations on macronutrients, their role in nutrition, frequency of meals, intervals, times of the day;
  • Develops individual nutrition plan for 5-6 weeks by performing regular repeated visits with measurements of height, weight and corrections of the plan;
  • Provides advice for the performance of physical activities, sports programmes without additional equipment under home conditions or in the nature;
  • Experience and positive work results with Type 2 Diabetes mellitus; metabolic syndrome; hypertension; constipations; insufficient body weight.