Anti-Aging for Men

Real men do not grow old! I must provide for my family and for myself, I will grow old, when I have time for that. That is the way any man thinks until a certain period in their lives. The statistics of the World Health Organisation bears evidence to the contrary - average life expectancy of a man is by 5 years shorter than that of a woman. We know that it is not the duration, but enjoyability that makes the difference.

In contrast to women, who age gradually and evenly to a certain moment, the ageing of men both internally and externally may occur very differently. The high level of testosterone in the male body makes their skin thick and durable. Therefore, the mirror shows “maturity” instead of “old age” as the years pass. It is absolutely different internally – where ageing resembles a jump from the cliff. Up to certain age the body is a combat machine and then aging starts suddenly and occurs faster.

Although, hormonally the body of a male ages 5-8 years later and, in terms of weight, even 10 years later than the female body, the principal aspect of aging among gentlemen affects reproductive and sexual function. This, in turn, depends on general health - nutrition, stress, metabolism, prompt therapy.

We might want to believe that real men do not grow old, but in real life it is the issue of work and attitude. The life of a man is full of events that require quick and decisive action. Therefore health is pushed to the background. The earlier we start addressing it, the longer we will be able to retain all signs of youth with minimum effort not only externally, but also internally.

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