Aesthetic medicine

Evaluation and management of individuals health condition, health risks and lifestyle is the first priority of anti-aging concept. Health and internal harmony can be observed through our body-shape, posture, hair, nails and skin. On the other hand – visual discomfort can frequently cause severe psychological distress that may affect the overall health condition and, consequently – the performance of the Anti-Aging plan.

In addition to the medical anti-aging plan Anti-Aging Institute provides the opportunity to reach clients’ goals regarding body aesthetics. Aesthetic medicine allows to solidify the results obtained during therapy process and get rid of the causes of visual discomfort forever. Different procedures and manipulations not only enable prevention of cosmetic defects, but also resolve serious medical problems. Use of latest science and technology achievements ensures gentle and prompt elimination of blemishes that people had to reconcile with in the past (diastases, loss of skin elasticity, pigmentation spots, etc.).

The secret of a long and healthy life lies in the harmony of the mind and body. Therefore aesthetic medicine and beauty care procedures must be performed by qualified specialists. Specialist of aesthetic medicine carefully evaluates each client, provides objective recommendations and, if necessary, adjusts the procedure-plan to achieve the ultimate end result.