Anti-Aging plan


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Co-operation with Anti-Aging Institute starts with client manager, who examines the health and anti-ageing needs and goals of every client by making an individual appointments with the respective health specialists.


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At the initial stage, the first consultation most commonly occurs with the preventive medicine specialist, who explains the nature of preventive medicine, prevention and anti-ageing concept to the client – a health as a comprehensive sum of factors.

During the consultation the medical history of the clients is discussed, as well as their family history. The specialist listens to the clients current complaints and observations as well as enquires about previous diseases (including childhood). The life routine, food habits, specific nature of physical activities of the client and other aspects are discussed with the specialist.


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The consultation enables the physician to assess the individual health risks of the client and to determine the necessity for further examinations. Based on the obtained information, the preventive medicine specialist applies the genetic test that suits the client best. 




After the diagnostics phase a multidisciplinary medical expert team summarises examination and genetic test results. This evaluation helps to draw up the profile of clients current health condition by using so called “banner principle”:

red banner - problems that must be prioritised as they pose significant health threat;

orange banner - moderate health threat, which must be addressed as soon as possible;

yellow banner - health aspects that require additional attention;

green banner - status of the patient is satisfying, while maintenance, improvement and preventive measures are recommended.




A long-term plan (6-12 months on average) is developed with the primary objective of turning red banners into green and additionally working with orange and yellow markers.

The process involves different specialists, periodical examination and plan corrections accordingly.

After the completion of the operative period the same examinations and tests (except genetic testing) that were conducted at the beginning of the treatment are repeated and progress is assessed.




After the priority phase, client and client manager agree whether to continue with the prevention plan for the green banners and ensure a regular “check-up” schedule to monitor previous red banners.

If the cooperation continues, the client is provided with health management services: reminders regarding needed tests, vaccines and screening programmes (in accordance with the age).  

The client receives updates regarding the novelties that may impact previously irresolvable issues.