Manual lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage, if the health condition allows it, is one of the first procedures that is recommended when starting both anti-cellulite therapy and a course to reduce excess volume. Lymphatic drainage promotes overall metabolism, improves lymph drainage and blood circulation, reduces oedema, tones the skin and strengthens connective tissue. 

When performing manual lymphatic drainage, at first the lymph nodes are "opened" (activated), then a massage is done. If the oedema is considerable, this procedure may cause a little discomfort; however, after the procedure you have the feeling of lightness. 

For women, the first time it is recommended to perform this procedure from day 18 to day 22 of the cycle. During this time, the body cleanses and takes in the beneficial effects of lymphatic drainage best. 

Lymphatic drainage is also used for prevention of problematic leg veins and during the rehabilitation period after various surgeries and injuries.