Facial skin diagnostics with VISIA®



Our facial skin is constantly exposed to various environmental factors – UV radiation, heat, wind, dryness, moisture, etc. Although the skin of the face is surprisingly strong, it also requires care that begins with an accurate assessment of its condition.

The new VISIA® facial complexion analysis system of the 7th generation provides the most accurate and fastest professional analysis of facial skin conditions that is available today.  The image receiver of the device rotates evenly around the client's face, facilitating the process of capturing images while providing the client with maximum comfort during the examination.

VISIA® performs an analysis of the facial skin using multispectral imaging. This method enables to see damage to the upper skin layer and the subcutaneous layer, and signs of ageing that cannot be noticed with the naked eye.

  • The system automatically detects the skin type and discerns the smallest wrinkles on the face (micro-relief).
  • VISIA® positioning and image overlapping system allows to create a catalogue of high-quality images to monitor the progress of changes in skin condition,
  • the rotating mechanism enables to accurately capture images of the face both in the frontal and in the lateral views,
  • the device uses cross-polarised and UV light IntelliFlash® to identify the condition of the facial skin and subcutaneous layer,
  • the obtained UV images provide a full range of data related to UV damage of the skin.


  • pigment spots,
  • wrinkles,
  • differences in facial complexion,
  • pores,
  • damages caused by the sun (hyperpigmentation, lentigo),
  • pigmentation of the upper layer of the skin,
  • the state of the facial blood vessels (rosacea, rosacea),
  • the presence of porphyrin bacteria.