The main task of neurology is to detect and treat pathologies of the nervous system. The category of these diseases includes both diseases of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) and diseases of the nerves of the body (peripheral nervous system), as well as diseases of their subdivisions. Neurological problems can be both congenital and caused by various diseases and injuries, as well as manifest themselves as part of the aging process. The task of the Anti‑Aging Institute is to detect these problems, predict them, eliminate risk factors or start treatment in time to stop or control and alleviate as much as possible the course of the disease.

Consultation with a neurologist is recommended:

  • in case of headache, back pain and various types of pain regarding nerves;
  • if you experience loss of consciousness (fainting, epilepsy), dizziness, balance and coordination problems;
  • in case of reduced mobility (shaky hands, slowness, etc.), limb weakness;
  • in case of memory loss;
  • in case of anxiety, vegetative symptoms (palpitations, sweating, etc.)