Genetic tests

Genetic testing is part of personalized medicine, which is the guideline of the Anti-Aging industry. Personalized medicine is individual-oriented. In cooperation with Anti-aging specialists, the patient's health risk factors are evaluated, a history (history of the patient's and his family's diseases) is collected and genetic tests or DNA mutations are studied, which are already encoded in us and do not change during life.



  • During the consultation, the doctor fills in the patient's questionnaire, the history and risk groups are evaluated. If necessary, separate measurements are performed.
  • The test material is saliva, which the patient places in a special container.
  • The biomaterial is sent to a laboratory, where a response to possible diseases and risk factors during life is given within a month.
  • At the repeated visit, the preventive medicine doctor explains the results of the tests and recommends prevention, prescribes additional examinations and appropriate treatment if necessary.
  • No special preparation for the tests is required, only the patient must not eat or smoke for 30 minutes before passing the test.
  • Genetic analysis is performed once in a lifetime because human DNA does not change during life.

We are one of the first medical institutions to introduce the possibility of genetic analysis in Latvia. Long-term experience and competent experts have allowed us to develop a wide and useful range of tests.