Phlebologist diagnoses vein diseases, develops therapy plan for the therapy of venous, lymphatic insufficiency, and in the events of trophic ulcers, as well as eliminates aesthetically disturbing venous pathologies.

As a person ages, the risk of venous diseases increases. Lifestyle, work conditions, general health status and inheritance affect the health of veins as well. Under the influence of various factors, the wall of the vein is stretches, loses its flexibility, the vain dilates and is incapable of performing its basic function – direction of blood towards the heart.


Consultations and the development of the therapy plan in the event of venous diseases
Diagnostic options

  • Duplex ultrasound examination,
  • Computed tomography phlebography,
  • Magnetic resonance imaging venography,
  • Segmental Doppler ultrasound,
  • Halogen light device - transilluminator.

The widest range of minimally invasive therapy options:

The specialists of the Anti-Aging Institute guarantee individually selected therapy methods or combinations thereof for every patient. The health status of the patient, their mobility, life rhythm, specific nature of their work, aesthetic requirements and other associated factors are taken into consideration during the development of therapy plan.


In co-operation with the branches of Veselības Centrs 4 and group companies, the patients are provided with prompt, high quality, and individually tailored therapy:

  • Medication ad compression therapy;
  • Foam sclerotherapy,
  • Transcutaneous laser therapy, 
  • Foam sclerotherapy in combination with various types of transcutaneous lasers,
  • Surgical glue method,
  • Steam micro impulse therapy,
  • Radiofrequency surgery,
  • Diathermocoagulation of tiny non-aesthetic blood vessels.
  • Laser surgery, including:

Total laser ablation (Total EVLT) with 3rd generation 1940 nm diode laser.
This method allows to use the laser for all blood vessels to be closed, without removal of lateral branches of the veins. Wounds and bruises do not develop after the surgery, bandages must be held for one night only and compression socks must be worn for one week only.