Health problems of proctological character, although delicate, are not infrequent and affect many patients. The proctologist diagnoses and treats the diseases of the rectum and perineum. Proctological health is affected by inheritance, disease history, life history (for instance, pregnancy, long term activities associated with weightlifting), lifestyle and food habits. Furthermore, physicians constantly remind on the risk of rectal cancer since early diagnostics and therapy thereof is the issue of life and death! The objective of the Anti-Aging Institute is to provide an opportunity for its customers to experience a long and healthy life - shyness and failure to address a physician may have fatal consequences!

A consultation of a proctologist is required:

  • If the signs of haemorrhoids are observed – itching, bleeding, mucus, discomfort and pain when passing stools,
  • If you observe atypical abdominal discharge or changes in the amount of stool (constipation, diarrhoea),
  • Neoplasms have appeared around the perineum,
  • Preventive examination by a proctologist sis recommended after the age of 45, especially for people with a family history of oncological rectal conditions.


  • Primary consultation of a proctologist,
  • Repeated consultation of a proctologist,
  • Consultation of a proctologist with proctoscopy.

During the consultation, the physician collects history data – asks questions on the complaints of the customer, food habits, lifestyle, etc. Pregnancies and number of pregnancies is a significant factor in women.


An examination with the use of a disposable proctological mirror (anoscopy) is performed during the primary examination - a gold standard examination. If this method fails to detect that pathology, the physician may prescribe additional examination, as well as another specialist, for instance, a consultation of a gastroenterologist.

Preparation for a consultation.
Microlax type enema is recommended one hour prior to the consultation.

The widest range of minimally invasive therapy options

In co-operation with the branches of Veselības Centrs 4 and group companies, the patients are provided with prompt, high quality, and individually tailored therapy:

  • Foam sclerotherapy,
  • Surgical glue method,
  • Rubber ring method,
  • Longo method,
  • HAL- RAR method, 
  • EVRF RAFAELO® (radio-frequency method by using local anaesthesia)
  • HET™ (Haemorrhoid Energy Therapy) with bipolar ligation system
  • Laser operations.