ReOxy respiratory therapy

Reoxy terapija


ReOxy (Ai Mediq, Luxembourg) is the latest generation respiratory therapy device, which allows improving oxygen circulation in the body without the help of medicines, strengthening and restoring the patient's physical endurance and cognitive abilities.  During ReOxy procedures, the patient breathes an individually dosed mixture of gases with a reduced amount of oxygen (simulating hypoxia conditions). The main goal of ReOxy therapy is to restore normal oxygen supply in the body. This is a very important factor for improving the health of the respiratory, cardiovascular system, and in sports medicine, as well as for improving cognitive abilities and general health.

ReOxy therapy is especially valuable during the rehabilitation period after contracting Covid-19!

Proper oxygen circulation:

  • improves a person's ability to perform physical activities, which is especially important during the rehabilitation period after various diseases and injuries;
  • allows you to effectively prepare for conditions of high physical exertion;
  • improves lung function;
  • normalizes metabolism;
  • improves the functioning of the nervous system;
  • improves the general condition of the body. 
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ReOxy therapy helps:

To regain strength and endurance in patients who are practically unable to perform physical exercises due to their health condition, but they are necessary to improve or preserve the quality of life.

To improve the function of the respiratory system in case of pulmonological problems.

  • Rehabilitation after contracting Covid-19.

To prepare professional athletes and sports enthusiasts for heavy physical exertion or rarefied air conditions, as well as to ensure a full-fledged recovery process after physical overload and sports injuries.

  • Adaptation and recovery – various competitions, intensive training, mountaineering, diving, etc.

To improve general physical and emotional condition.

  • Improving sleep quality, reducing symptoms of depression, improving cognitive abilities, reducing fatigue, increasing physical endurance.

To normalize weight, improve metabolism.

  • Normalization of appetite, reduced blood cholesterol and glucose levels, improved body sensitivity to insulin, reduced metabolic risk factors.

    The ReOxy procedure is an individually tailored procedure and includes two stages:

    1. hypoxic test

    The test is necessary to individually adjust the course of the procedure to the specific patient. During the test, the patient breathes a gas mixture with a reduced oxygen content through a special mask. During the measurements, the patient's vital indicators are monitored. The test is absolutely safe and automated. Based on the data obtained in the test, the REOxy device automatically calculates the parameters of the further procedure.

    Test duration: 10 minutes.

    2. basic procedure

    The ReOxy procedure can be compared to climbing mountains - the air is rarefied on the peaks of the mountains, while the oxygen concentration is higher on the slopes. During the procedure, the patient "climbs" and "descends" the mountains several times, training and hardening his body in this way.
    During the procedure, a gas mixture with a low oxygen content and a gas mixture with an increased (up to 2 times) oxygen content are alternately applied with so-called re-oxygenation periods (regeneration). Such a variable regimen is easy to tolerate and completely safe. The patient inhales and exhales the gas mixture through a special mask. The patient's physiological indicators are monitored throughout the procedure. If the indicators start to change and do not meet the established norm, the procedure is automatically stopped.

    Duration of the procedure: 40 minutes
    Course duration: 10-15 procedures. The effect, depending on the specific case, remains for 6-12 months.

    Why is the ReOxy procedure effective?

    ReOxy procedure:

    • promotes the transformation of blood vessels and their increase in number, increasing blood flow in the body (organs are more efficiently supplied with the necessary oxygen and nutrients);
    • optimizes the use of oxygen in the body - there is a transition from oxidative metabolism to glycolytic metabolism, which is a more efficient way of energy synthesis.

    These invisible processes have a beneficial effect on the entire body - both the cardiovascular system, respiratory and nervous systems, while improving the body's endurance and metabolism.

    When should the ReOxy procedure not be performed?

    • acute cerebrovascular episodes (stroke);
    • acute ischemic heart disease (infarction);
    • heart failure;
    • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
    • bronchial asthma with significant respiratory disorders.

    If the patient has any of the above diseases or is suspected of having one, a prior consultation with a doctor is required regarding the usefulness and safety of the procedure.