Calorimetry with “Cosmed” metabolism testing device

During the examination, the body's consumption of energy is measured in a resting position – its metabolism rate and ratio of consumption of major sources of energy (carbohydrates or fats) to calculate the individual required quantity of food for each customer and to find the right nutritional therapy to control the course of a disorder.




Calorimetry is especially suited for people who want to lose or gain body weight in a healthy way and to improve their metabolism. This examination is important for patients with adrenal, thyroid, neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disorders, as well as for patients with severe chronic diseases (cystic fibrosis, tumours, AIDS, etc.).

Preparations for the examination:

  • it is recommended to take it in the morning;
  • you must not eat, drink caffeine-containing drinks 12 h before the examination;
  • you must not use alcoholic beverages the last 24 h before the examination;
  • you must not smoke 2 h before the examination;
  • you must not do cardioexercises 12 h before the examination;
  • you must not do strength exercises 24 h before the examination;
  • it is advisable to write down all food products consumed within the last 24 h.