Nutritionist for a couple

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Let a healthy menu unite, not cause controversy in the kitchen!

Adhering to a healthy diet often seems difficult when daily meals are taken in pairs. How to make a couple's menu healthy, enjoyable and suitable for both, avoiding separation in the kitchen? A new solution is available at the “Anti-Aging Institute” - nutritionist consultation for couples, metabolic diagnostics and the creation of an individual, coherent nutrition plan.

“Anti-Aging Institute” offers a new solution for couples who want to focus on a healthy diet while maintaining the harmony of their meals.

Metabolic diagnostics and individual nutrition plan development complex for a couple: Consultation of a nutritionist, metabolism diagnostics with a calorimeter “Cosmed Q-NRG” and preparation of an individual nutrition plan (duration of the visit 1.5 h).

The key to Your health - an individual approach

To create the most appropriate, effective and enjoyable healthy eating menu, you need a knowledgeable and responsive specialist and accurate metabolic diagnostics.


Nutrition affects the state of health of the body in general, not only the processes of obesity of the body, the health of nails, hair, facial skin, but also the general well-being, mood. There is also a positive effect on the results of blood tests.

When working with a client, a nutritionist:

  • performs metabolic diagnostics
  • consults and analyzes existing eating habits;
  • set goals together with the client (weight correction, increase of muscle mass, reduction of fat mass, improvement of general health);
  • draws up an individual diet plan, taking into account a person's daily routine, work schedule, physical activity, products that taste and do not taste, allergies, food intolerances and metabolic features.

A diet plan defined in this way provides significant and lasting results, as it is tailored to each individual case and can be easily integrated into the client's daily life without depressing restrictions.

Calorimetry is the "gold standard" in metabolic diagnostics. “Cosmed Q-NRG system” allows you to do this in 15 minutes. During the examination, the body's energy consumption is evaluated - metabolic rate, consumption ratios of the main energy sources (carbohydrates or fats). As a result of the test, an accurate picture of each client's metabolism is obtained, allowing to accurately calculate the required food intake or specify the appropriate nutritional therapy.

Test procedure:
During the examination, the client, lying on the couch, breathes oxygen through a special, transparent semi-dome mask applied to the face. The device records the amount of oxygen consumed and the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled.

The examination should preferably be performed in the morning, as well as:

  •  not eat or drink caffeinated beverages for 12 hours before the examination;
  •  do not drink alcohol for 24 hours before the examination;
  •  no smoking for 6 hours before the examination;
  •  do not do cardio training for 12 hours before the examination;
  •  strength training must not be performed 24 hours before the examination;
  •  it is advisable to record what was eaten in the last 24 hours.

More profitable when done together!

Complex offer for a couple:
Nutritionist consultation and individual plan development - 130 EUR (for a couple)
Metabolic diagnostics with “Cosmed Q-NRG” - 50 EUR / person (during consultation with a couple)
Total (for a couple): 230 EUR

Consulting individually:
Nutritionist consultation and individual plan development - 85 EUR
Metabolic diagnostics with “Cosmed Q-NRG” - 66 EUR / person.
Total (individually): 302 EUR

Apply for a consultation:

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