Cryotherapy of warts ("freezing")



Warts are benign skin growths caused by a virus. Although warts are harmless, they cause aesthetic and physical discomfort that can be quickly removed.  Anti-Aging Institute dermatologists have at their disposal a CryoAlfa Super Liquid device (Premier Healthcare & Hygiene Ltd, England), which allows to destroy the structure of benign skin growths (warts, papillomas) using liquid nitrogen – so-called 'freezing'.

A distinction is made between:

  • common warts are the most common in teenagers and children. They are 2–6 mm large skin-coloured or grey growths with a wide base from which thread-like structures grow. They sometimes can be located in small groups. These growths are most commonly found on the skin of fingers, feet, near the nails. Wart traumatisation cause bleeding.
  • flat warts in children and teenagers – most commonly found in children, more rarely in teenagers. Growths are 1–3 mm flat, skin-coloured or pinkish, with a smooth surface, and are located closely next to each other. They are most often found on the palms or the face.
  • pointed warts – appears within 1–3 months after contamination during sex activities. At first, red, soft filamentous structures of 1–2 mm appear, which rapidly enlarge.

We urge you not to delay and consult a specialist in case of disturbing and atypical skin growths. By checking for moles and other skin growths you have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate way to remove them and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer and other diseases.