Diagnosis of skin neoplasms with FotoFinder



FotoFinder is a skin diagnostic - imaging system that can detect the risk of malignancy, identify non-melanoma, skin cancer and various pre-cancerous lesions, as well as to diagnose hair damage (TrichoLAB) and assess psoriasis.

Full-body dermatoscopy with a photo and video dermatoscopy creates a "skin passport" which includes accurate information on the condition of the skin of the face and body, as well as the skin of the hands and feet.

FotoFinder skin screening is recommended for people,

  • with many atypical birthmarks,
  • who have more than 50 birthmarks on their body,
  • whose skin has been exposed to intense UV radiation,
  • who have had sunburn in their lifetime, especially in childhood,
  • who have a family history and/or a history of skin malignancies.

Advantages of FotoFinder:

  • standardized and systematic documentation of all skin lesions,
  • precise identification of new and/or altered skin lesions,
  • skin lesions are automatically analyzed during the examination,
  • automatic comparison helps to follow skin changes and detect possible malignancies as soon as possible,
  • the best possible result in the shortest possible time.